Who Has the Largest Video Boards?

The Jags will be unveiling their new video boards on July 26th for a Fulham vs DC United soccer friendly and a Carrie Underwood concert. So far the video boards have been the talk of the town, but not many folks outside Jax have taken notice. I get it, you have to care about both sports and technology, and not be put off by gargantuan amounts of money being spent by a city with a pension problem. But hang on, there’s a point to all this.
What we have observed is that last year the video boards were being promoted as the world’s largest. But now? Now we’re hearing that they are America’s largest video boards, or worse, NFL’s largest video boards. What the heck? Where exactly are the Godzilla-sized video boards that are pushing us out of the title of “world’s largest”?

Video Boards - Everbank Construction South

Video Boards – Everbank Construction South

Luckily for you, I had a bout of insomnia, which was the perfect time to research such a thing as the world’s largest video boards.
Let’s talk specs. The Jags’ video boards will be 60 feet high by 362 feet wide, or 21,720 square feet of screen. The Cowboys’ video boards that sports announcers couldn’t stop drooling over back in 2010, are 72 feet tall by 160 feet wide, or a mere 11,393 square feet of screen. Alright, so we’ve got over 10,000 square feet on Dallas.
Just this spring over at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, video boards were unveiled with the dimensions of 95 feet high by 218 feet wide, or a total of 20,710 square feet of screen. So technically Texas Motor Speedway’s boards are currently the largest in the US, but only until ours are completed in July. Then we’ll have Texas by 1,010 square feet.

Video Boards - Texas Motor Speedway

Video Boards – Texas Motor Speedway

As far as the worlds largest video boards, just last month (May) at Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, Brazil, a video board measuring 558 feet by 66 feet was unveiled as part of the sports complex to house the FIFA World Cup. That would be 36,828 square feet of screen. Wow.
Other than Arena Corinthians, there is another behemoth video board that will either impress you or make you shake your head. In Chengdu, China you will find the largest building in the world (not tallest) at 1.7 million square meters (not feet, meters!) in the New Century Global Center. At the center you will find multiple hotels, a plethora of restaurants and shops, a 14 screen IMAX theater, an ice skating rink, and a water park that includes an indoor beach and a 24 hour artificial sun. And don’t forget the 492 foot by 131 foot video screen. Thats a grand total of 64,452 square feet of video screen. That’s almost three times the size of the Jag’s new video boards.

Video Boards - Chengdu

Video Boards – Chengdu

So there you have it. Right here in Jax we will have the largest video boards in the US, but China has a firm hold on the claim to world’s largest video board…IF you’re one of those people that only cares about quantity!

It turns out all video boards are not created equal.  The screens going up at Everbank will be the largest HD video boards in the world.  The nerd definition of HD says that you need 720 or more horizontal lines.  As near as we can find the screens listed above that are bigger are all non-HD.  We’ll enjoy one-uping the Jones’s…while it lasts.

Video Boards - Early Construction

Video Boards – Early Construction

Video Boards - Everbank North

Video Boards – Everbank North


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