Hunting for Shark Teeth at Mickler’s Landing, Ponte Vedra Beach

Mickler’s (pronounced mycklers) Landing is a public beach in Ponte Vedra with salmon colored course, crushed-shell sand. Micklers is a family friendly beach with restrooms, outdoor showers, and a parking lot. While typically packed on sunny weekends and holidays, Micklers is one of the best local beaches to go shark teeth hunting.

Shark Teeth @ Mickler's Beach

Shark Teeth @ Mickler’s Beach

Here’s how shark teeth hunting works. Go to the beach while the tide is out. Walk through the swaths of shells left on the beach. You are looking for tiny little black triangles. While there are some average sized shark teeth (1/2 to 1 inch), the majority are small, around one centimeter long or smaller.
The sunlight can play a big role in your success. Morning and evening are more difficult times with fading sun. I find the middle of the day, with a hat and no sunglasses is the formula where I find the most shark teeth. The most I’ve found is five or six in 20 minutes, but many times it’s been one or two in twenty minutes of hunting. So be patient! Micklers Landing seems to have the highest concentration of shark teeth among all the first coast beaches, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There’s a bit of a learning curve.
Shark teeth hunting is a fun family activity. It’s almost silly, the excitement I feel when I am hunting shark teeth with my middle schooler and one of us finds a tooth. Or, one of us thinks we found a shark tooth and we debate whether it’s a shell fragment or a tooth.
You can find Mickler’s Landing by heading south on A1A from Jax beaches area. You’ll come to an intersection with a traffic light. Mickler Road will be on your right and South Ponte Vedra Blvd will be on your left. Turn left and the parking lot for Mickler’s Landing Beach will be on your right.
For a beginner’s guide to hunting shark teeth check out:

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    • Actually, when you arrive and are walking up to the boardwalk, the sign says it’s pronounced “mike-lers” I was just there all last week.

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